Top 4 Best Field Hockey Sticks


Both equipment and skill go hand in hand during a hockey match. If you’re lucky to secure the ball during a match for even a couple of seconds, having the best stick for your league is highly recommended. Read on as we dive into the best hockey sticks for field hockey.

First on the list is the Kookaburra Hockey Stick. Thus far, this has been one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. These are made from wood and composite and they come in varying sizes. However, these are well suited for keepers.

The manufactures have even hired a special team of keepers who aid with the design process. Most composite sticks within this range are typically crafted from some of the highest quality carbon materials which produce light and durable sticks. In order to keep up with stability and control, the sticks were made to be dual-core.


Next is the Senior Pro Stick from MALIK. Unlike many others, the manufacturers, have gone above and beyond to produce a rather high-end product for consumers. The sticks were made from both composite and wood to create a durable hockey stick.

Solid wooden cores and fiberglass as used and the overall structure is also properly reinforced. Due to this, there is a significant increase in the performance of the sticks. The added fiber material also adds to the integrity and durability. Those who wield their sticks, they’ll be able to better control and handle the stick.

Third, on our list is the Adidas V24 Carbon stick. Unlike other brands, Adidas is well-known for its innovation, quality, and functional gear. The lower portion of the stick utilizes specially designed carbon-plated technology that enhances the stiffness of the stick. The added stiffness allows players to push more power upon contact.


Even the shaft of the stick was redesigned to be sturdier and straight. As such, the profile of the stick allows players to improve precision and be more accurate in their passing skills. The stick’s end also allows them to pick up the ball and be creative in their dribbling styles.

Another impressive stick is the Total of 2.5 Innovative from TK. If you’re looking for elegant gear, this is definitely the one for you and the stick features many details. While being truly one of a kind, the TK is crafted from nanotech in an effort to produce a strong and sturdier stick.

While zooming through the field, you’ll be able to automatically feel the stiffness. This contributes to the players being able to hit the ball with more power. As a result of the head on this one, you’ll finally be able to enjoy dribbling and better control over the ball.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 4 best field hockey sticks. Finding an amazing stick doesn’t need to be a complicated process if you know what you want out of your gear. Remember, your skill and your gear work hand in hand to produce the best field performance. More at

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