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About Connie

Connie Neal is sought by secular and Christian media as an expert on the intersection of Christianity and pop culture,

Bible teacher, author, and popular speaker in secular venues, Christian colleges, churches, library and literacy events..

Books: Connie has authored, written, contributed to, and ghosted dozens of CBA titles. Most recently she is widely known for her books: MySpace for Moms and Dads: A Guide to Understanding the Risks and the Rewards (Zondervan, 2007), Wizards, Wardrobes, and Wookiees: Navigating Good and Evil in Harry Potter, Narnia, and Star Wars (InterVarsity Press, 2007), The Gospel According to Harry Potter  (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002) -- featured in Entertainment Weekly and Time Magazine, and What’s a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? (WaterBrook Press, 2000) -- featured in Newsweek, Christian Parenting Today, Today’s Christian Woman. She has also written study guides and curriculum for children, teens, adults, and parents across denominational lines including Walking Tall in Babylon: Raising Children to Be Godly and Wise in a Perilous World (WaterBrook Press, 2003). She has collaborated with Bill and Lyndi McCartney, Dave and Jan Dravecky, Dr. Dave Stoop, Stephen Arterburn, Pastor Chip Ingram, and others. She has authored several titles for the CBA market; including a Young Women of Faith girl’s journal (ages 8-12) entitled Hey! This is Me! 


Speaking: guest speaker for Women of Faith Bring Back the Joy tour 1998; respected conference speaker, including keynote for International Network of Children’s Ministry, Association of Christian Schools Intl. Conferences, Children’s Ministry Magazine Live!, women’s retreats / events; church events for children and parents on pop culture / Harry Potter; colleges chapel services, Arts and Letters events on Harry Potter, Christianity, and freedom in the context of disputable matters; writing classes: writing for publication, excite-a-writer and overcoming fears of writing; library events dealing with intellectual freedom and the evangelical Christian community.


Bible Projects: Connie also has a strong reputation as a Bible teacher. This includes writing and editorial work on several best-selling Bible products, one on which she was General Editor and primary writer won the EPCA’s Gold Medallion Award (others include: Associate Editor on The Life Recovery Bible, General Editor / Lead Writer on Spiritual Renewal Bible for Zondervan and Tyndale, Editor / Lead Writer on Women of Faith New Testament, and writer of devotionals for The Kids’ Devotional Bible -- sales of over 500,000).


Print: Connie has been cited in, written for, or interviewed by Time Magazine, Newsweek, Christianity Today, USA Today, Today’s Christian Woman, U.S. Catholic, The New York Times (Religion Page), MSNBC.com, TheEarlyShow.com, Reuters, Religion News Wire Service, YouthWorker Journal, Evangelizing Today’s Child, Children’s Pastor Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Decision, and newspapers across the country and worldwide. Connie has developed relationships with the editorial teams of many Christian magazines and prominent internet sites where she is welcome to write.


Television: Connie has been featured on: PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, MSNBC Alan Keyes is Making Sense, Good Day Sacramento, CBN The 700 Club, FamilyNet At Home Live!, Life Today with James & Betty Robison, LHM On Main Street! and other national and regional television shows.


Radio: Her radio interviews include being a featured guest on nationally syndicated shows including on: The Dennis Prager Show, FamilyLife Radio (where the topic of Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter was so widely requested it was included in the FamilyLife Resource catalog as a CD), Decision Today (Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.), Beverly LaHaye Live (Concerned Women for America), Janet Parshall’s America, Moody Radio Network Mid-Day Connection, numerous local stations in the USA as well as radio interviews in New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and London.


Video: Connie is an excellent communicator on stage and in video format. Her video Passing On Your Faith without Turning Off Your Kids is part of the Extraordinary Women Video Training Series  produced by the American Association of Christian Counselors. The Executive Producer of the series called Connie’s video one of the best three in a series of thirty videos featuring speakers including Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and many other excellent communicators. That series (selling at $500.00 for all thirty videos) has sold approximately 10,000 copies. Connie’s video has received top reviews. The content of this book is easily adaptable for parenting Sunday school classes and adaptation to a video curriculum. Connie also has a video taped presentation on How to Handle Harry Potter.


Education: B.A. in Communication from Pepperdine University


Church Staff Ministry Experience: She served ten years as a church staff youth worker; also worked as a youth ministry trainer / curriculum writer for Jim Burns’ YouthBuilders.


Credibility: Connie’s credibility comes not only from her professional credits but from a rich well of life experience that shows her writing and speaking to be tried and true, as well as true to the Bible. Her emerging brand of resources revolve around being a Christian parent who knows and communicates the Bible faithfully in a way that is simple, and easy to understand, while empowering, equipping, and encouraging parents to pass it on to their own children in a way kids eagerly receive -- and parents enjoy.


Here are other titles Connie wrote or contributed to that are still in print

Published by Discovery House Publishers):

Summer 1997 The Life of Christ :Bible Exploration Interactive CD-ROM (for kids 6-12) wrote lesson scripts, interactive material, quizzes, and developed on-screen visuals for this CD-ROM product mirrored after Promise Keepers Old Testament Foundations: An Interactive Journey Through the Bible. Featured by Focus On the Family, Youth for Christ, and "The Bible Answer Man" Radio Broadcast.

Winter 1998: Sold Out by Bill McCartney with David Halbrook: assisted Lyndi McCartney in writing essays for the book.

1998: Spiritual Renewal Bible, NIV, General Editor, with Executive Editors: Stephen Arterburn and Dr. David Stoop, PhD. (Zondervan)

Spring 1996: Women’s Devotional Bible 2, devotional contributor. (Zondervan)

April 1996: co-author, The Worth of a Man by Dave Dravecky with C.W. Neal (Zondervan)

April 1996: co-author, A Joy I’d Never Known by Jan Dravecky with Connie Neal (Zondervan)

Fall 1996: writer for The Kids’ Devotional Bible (contributed 128 devotions) (Zondervan)

Spring 1997 release: Women of Faith New Testament, wrote 24 profiles of women of faith: from Scripture, history, and women alive today.

1993 52 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life (Main selection: Crossings Book Club)

Tyndale House Publishers:

1998 : Spiritual Renewal Bible, NLB, General Editor, awarded the Gold Medallion Award; wrote all devotionals, Executive Editors: Stephen Arterburn and Dr. David Stoop, PhD.

1998 Seven Keys to Spiritual Renewal and Transformation Workbook, Bible-based workbook to accompany the Spiritual Renewal Bible project; authors:
Stephen Arterburn and Dr. David Stoop, PhD.

1995 My Spiritual Journey: (The Life Recovery Bible: New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs; wrote devotions and reflective questions at end of each book) revised devotionals, wrote reflective questions for each NT book.

1992 The Life Recovery Bible, Associate Editor, wrote 170 daily devotionals related to 12 Steps, Serenity Prayer, and eight recovery principles.


Magazine Writing Credits and Coverage

Today’s Christian Woman:

Protecting Our Kids from the Occult in Popular Culture feature article by Connie Neal.

April 1999 Featured in "First Person / Women of Faith" article: Surviving an Affair.

August/September 1998 Out of the Fires by Sue Lugli as told to Connie Neal.

Decision Magazine:

April 1999 wrote Come Springtime... a short inspirational piece from personal experience taken from material heard at Women of Faith conferences.

Children's Ministry Magazine:

1995: Transforming Popular Culture (Power Rangers Preach the Gospel)



Pepperdine University: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, (emphasis on communicating the gospel to youth) Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA (1980)