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The Gospel According To Harry Potter


From Connie

Why did I write this book? It began as a counterpoint to one idea being put forward by anti-Potter critics. 

It's the idea that just because they can look into the Harry Potter books trying to find things they correlate to real-world occult practices, and find some, that proves the Harry Potter books are about witchcraft. I disagree with that idea.

What if I can use the same techniques of interpretation and selective reading, but go in looking for the Christian gospel? If I am able to find numerous parallels, would that prove that is what Harry Potter is all about? (No.) I think it proves a point J.K. Rowling made.

When asked about accusations that she was using Harry Potter to lure children into Satanism, she flatly denied it. She said, "People tend to find books what they look to find."

I must say I agree! So, to those who ask How could You? or Why bother? I answer: With all the uproar over Harry Potter in Christian circles, with all the wonderful parallels to the Gospel waiting to be pointed out, and with my desire to help people who've been turned off by traditional ways of communicating the message, I couldn't resist.





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